How Will Our Sessions Work?

First, I like to get to know my clients, to fully understand the impact that their problems are having on their lives. Helping to summarise and reflect on their problems in a non-judgemental way will help us clarify where exactly the difficulties lie. Sometimes therapy can feel very hard. Clients sometimes come to realisations about themselves and their lives that can feel uncomfortable and even frightening but as a therapist I am there to offer unconditional respect, empathy and transparency. These qualities will make counselling feel like a safe place to explore any difficult issues.

Having a connection with the client will have a positive impact on the outcome. This is why I offer a free introductory 30 minute session so that we can see if we will feel comfortable working together.
How Long Does Each Session Last?

There will be an initial free Assessment Session lasting approximately 30 minutes and after that they will last 50 minutes.

How Often Will I See My Counsellor?

Counselling sessions are tailored to the individual but I would normally expect to see people once a week. Sometimes positive results can be achieved very quickly, perhaps in a few sessions but some problems are much more deep rooted and may require counselling over a long period of time.


I charge £50 for each 60 minute session.